50 shades of green building
A Summerschool for the head,
the hands and the heart


△ A hands-on design & build workshop devoted to sustainable architecture where you learn to discover what shade of green fits you best.
△ With a maximum of 15 selected participants we spend 5 intensive days and nights exploring all aspects of green building.
△ The mornings are spent learning and discussing a range of topics related to sustainable architecture.
△ Afternoons are spent on actually building a small wooden structure.
△ During the evenings experts are invited around the campfire to share their view on sustainability.
△ All meals are prepared and eaten together on-site and you will spend the nights on the nearby comping site.


△ From august 15th to august 19th


The Summerschool will be held in the natural setting of the Vijverschie, a refurbished monumental farm in the polder between Delft and Rotterdam.


This first edition of TREELAB is developed for architecture students and young architects devoted to sustainable architecture and a hands-on approach to building.


△ To inspire architecture students and young architects to dedicate their talent to sustainable architecture
△ To reconnect a generation of designers to the vernacular and craft traditions of the context in which they live and build
△ To foster the master / apprenticeship tradition of learning from direct experience
△ To help architects discover their shade of green in the complex and diverse world of sustainable solutions


△ By dedicating time to the head, the hands and the heart.
△ By spending an intensive 5 days together in a natural and inspirational environment, learning, building, eating and cooking together.
△ By a non-academic and inspirational approach to learning, working and discovering.


For this first edition of TREELAB the All-in costs are € 250,-


Please send a short version of your Portfolio and Resume to with you motivation to partake in the Summershool.



Jamie van Lede - Origins Architects
Andy vd Dobbelsteen - Professor Climate Design TUDelft
Anneloes Kattemölle - Master Student TUDelft
Laura Jacobsen - architect / owner Buurman